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Prototype CNC Facility – November 30, 2023

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Prototype CNC Machining & Metal Fab Facility
Haas VF-2SS CNC VMC, Amada RG-50 CNC Press Brake w/ 3 Axis Back Gage, Hardinge HLV-H Tool Room Lathe w/ in/mm Threading, 2) Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machines, Amada CSW-220 Corner Notcher w/ Coping, Bridgeport Romi Engine Lathe, Haeger 824 Hyd Insertion Press, Edwards 49” x 14 ga Power Shear, Large Selection of Inspection Tooling, Lista & Kennedy Tool Boxes, Band Saws, Welders, Tooling, Suburban Tooling, Deltronics Comparator, Support in Reno, NV

Sheet Metal Fabrication Facility – December 6, 2023

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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication & MFG Facility
MFG of Stainless Steel Restaurant Sinks and Equipment
Durma HAP 37200 12Ft x 220 Ton CNC Hyd Press Brake, Durma HGS 3006 12ft x .25” Hydraulic Power Shear, Durma E 3090 10Ft x 99 Ton CNC Hyd Press Brake, Durma HKM 2506 Hyd Corner Notcher, Durma Hyd Iron Worker, Birmingham R-0535H 5Ft x 10Ga Hyd Plate Rolls, Ursviken 13FT x .25” Hyd Power Shear, Chicago 1-14 Hand Brake, Plate Rolls, Finger Brakes, Welding Equipment, 2013 GM Vortec 2500 HD Truck, Chevy 3500 HD Stake Bed Truck, Hyster Forklift, Large Selection of Power Tools, Sheet Metal Material, Large Selection of Stainless Steel Sinks, Finished Goods, Tooling, Dies and Support in South El Monte, CA

Woodworking Facility – December 7, 2023

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(No Onsite Bidding)
State Of The Art Woodworking & Cabinet MFG Facility
100,000 SQ FT Cabinet Door Mfg & CNC Woodworking
Costa KA CCT 1350 52” 3 Head Sander, Timesaver 252-71CBT 52” 4 Head Sander, 2) Timesaver Inline 252-71CBT 3 Head / 4 Head Wide Belt Sander, C.R. Onsrud 122C18 CNC Router w/ ATC, 2) C.R. Onsrud 122C16 CNC Router w/ ATC, Cameron MRS 450M3 CNC Rip Saw, 2000 Casadei Line A/MX Beam/Panel Saw, Fletcher Industries FM-44 Single Edge Banding Machine, Fletcher Industries FM-200D Double Sided Edge Foiler, Fletcher Industries FM-210 Tenoner Double End Trim Saw, 2012 Holzher Arcus 1336 Edge Banding Machine, 1997 CMS NC-PF 102-R8 CNC Router, Dodds SL-25CNC Multi Spindle CNC Dovetailer Machine, 3) Haas VF3 CNC VMC’s, Rosenquist SB 700 Gluer, Delta Unisaw Table Saws, Northfield Size 27 Band Saw, 2) Blum Minipress Boring / Insertion Machine, Grizzly Shapers, Invicta Ti-14 Shaper, 3) High Point Straight Line Rip Saw, Kufo Cut Off Saw w/ Tiger Stops, 2002 Omga V235 Double Mitre Saw, High Point & KB-23 4 Head Molding Machines, Over 15 Down Draft Systems, Shapers, Gang Rip Saws, Mikron M653R Multi Molder & Router, Laguna Planers, CTD Cut Off Saws, Downdraft Tables, Torit Downdraft Systems, Universal Laser Marking Machine, Label Aire 3138N Label Applicators, Label Printers, Mosca Evolution Strapping Machines, Atlas Copco GA75VSD Rotary Air Compressor, Large Selection of Racking, Work Benches, Cabinets, Cutting Tools, and Support, Pallet Racking, 2) Bag House 300 HP Dust Collection Systems in Paramount, CA

Aerospace Mori Seiki CNC Machining Facility – November 29, 2023

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Aerospace “Mori Seiki” CNC Machining Facility
Mori Seiki MV-40 CNC VMC, Mori Seiki SL-20 CNC Lathe, Mori Seiki SL-5 CNC Lathe, Mori Seiki SL-20 CNC Lathe, Mori Seiki MV-40 CNC VMC, Verisurf Master 3D Gage Portable CMM, Acra Engine Lathe, Large Selection of Inspection Tools, Thread and Ring Gages, Mics, Large Selection of Machine Tools and Tooling, Tool Holders, Cutting Tools and Support in La Habra, CA

CNC Machining Facility – November 28, 2023

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First Class “Multi Axis” R & D CNC Machining Facility
Very Low Hour Machine Tools and Support
2015 Hermle C52U 5 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Station, 2015 DMG Mori TX2000/1500SZM 9 Axis CNC Turning Center.
2016 Haas VM-6 CNC VMC, 2015 Haas VM-3 CNC VMC, Kasto Horizontal Mitre Saw, Large Selection of 5 Axis Tooling, CT 40 Tool Holders, HSK Tool Holders, Lista Cabinets, Tooling and Support in Menlo Park, CA

Sheet Metal Fabrication Facility – November 14, 2023

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“AMADA” Sheet Metal Fabrication & Motor Winding Facility
Amada Vipros 358 King II CNC Turret Punch Press, Amada Pega 345 CNC Turret Punch Press, 1998 Amada RG-35S 4ft x 35 Ton CNC Press Brake w/ NC9EX II Control, Amada FBD 5020 82” x 5 5 Ton CNC Press Brake w/ NC9EX II Control, Haeger 824 Hydraulic Insertion Press w/ Bowl Feed, Spot Welders, Sanders, Sullair 3000II 30 HP Rotary Air Compressor, Bachi Motor Winders, Toyota 5000 Lb LPG Forklift, Amada Tooling, Support Tools, and Tools in South El Monte, CA

Turning and Cutting Facility – November 9, 2023

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“Mazak” Precision CNC Turning & “Amada” Tube Cutting Facility
2) Mazak SQT 200MS CNC Turning Center w/ Live Tool & Sub Spindle, Mazak QT-15N-U CNC Turning Center, Mazak SQT-10MS CNC Turning Center w/ Live Tool & Sub Spindle, Mazak H-400N CNC Horizontal Machining Center, 2004 Amada SA90A Automatic Tube Cutting Machine w/ Stacking Conveyor System, Engine Lathes, Machine Tools and Support in Santa Fe Springs, CA

Industrial Machine Tools Auction – October 31, 2023

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Industrial Machine Tools / Plastic Injection Molding & Forklifts
Taylor 30,000 lb Diesel Forklift, Otek 20,000 Lb LPG Forklift, Hyster S155XL2 15,500 LPG Forklift, Caterillar 8000 Lb LPG Forklift, Flow Mach 4 CNC WaterJet, Bridgeport Mills, Chevalier Surface Grinders, Engine Lathes, Band Saws, Tooling, Arburg 420S Allrounder 110 Ton Plastic Injection Molding Machine, 3) Toyo Plastar TM-150H 150 Ton Injection Molders, 3) Boy 22S 22 Ton Injection Molders, Toshiba EC110N All Electric Injection Molder, Toyo TM-200H 200 Ton Injection Molder, 3) Mimaki JV5–160S Large Format Ink Jet Printer, 2013 MS-JP6 and 2013 MS-JP4 Digital Textile Sublimation Printers, Quince Air Compressor, 2002 Freightliner Box Truck, Mazda 3 4 Door Car, Tooling, Tools, Grinding Tools and Support.
City of Industry, CA

Honing and Machining Facility – October 26, 2023

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Large Capacity Horizontal Honing & Machining Facility
8) Horizontal Honing MachinesUp To 40” Diameter and 50′ Long 2) LeBlond 4GSR Hollow Spindle Lathes, Axelson 16” Lathes, Axelson No. 32 Engine Lathes, Axelson 20 Engine Lathes, Cazeneuve Large Capacity Engine Lathes, Tur 630 Engine Lathe, Lion Engine Lathes, Horizontal Mills, Surface Grinders Bridgeport Milling Machines, American Hole Wizard Radial Drill, 2015 International 4300 Clean Air Diesel Stake Bed Truck, 2) Toyota 10,000 Lb Forklifts, Large Selection of Welders, Welding Tables, Tooling, Cutting Tools, Mandrels, Support Tools and Etc. in Fontana, CA

Gear Cutting Facility – October 24, 2023

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Precision CNC Machining & Gear Cutting Facility
Custom Gear & Machine, Inc.
Doosan V550 24” CNC Vertical Boring Mill, 2015 Doosan DNM 400II CNC VMC, 2012 Doosan Mynx 5400 CNC VMC, Doosan Puma 240B CNC Lathe, Okuma Cated L-1420 CNC Lathe, Fellows Tyme No. 36” Shaper, G & E 36” Gear Hobber w/ Differential for Helical, G & E 24” Gear Hobber w/ Non-Differential, G & E 24” Gear Hobber w/ Differential for Helical & 10” Riser, G & E 12” Gear Hobber w/ Differential for Helical, Gleason #14 Straight Bevel Coniflex Generator, Gleason 12” Straight Bevel Generator, Red Wing Gear Checker, Barber Coleman 16-6 Gear Hobber, Fellows 7A Shaper, Fellows Shapers 18”, Small Gear Hobbers, Large Selection of Gear Hobbs, Tooling, W.E. Sykes VR72B Rack Shaper w/ 84” Table, Trak TRM CNC Mill, Cincinnati Monoset Tool & Cutter Grinder, Bullard 36” VTL,Morrison 1.25” keyseater, Engine Lathe, Milling Machines, Grinders, Radial Drills, Toyota Forklift, Jib Cranes, CNC Tool Holders, Vises, Cutting Tools and Support in Livermore, CA

Ultra Modern Haas Facility – October 17, 2023

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Ultra Modern “Haas” CNC Machining Facility
2017 Haas VF-5SS CNC VMC, 2017 Haas VF-3SS CNC VMC, 2016 Haas VF-3 CNC VMC, 2017 Haas VF-2 CNC VMC, Hwacheon Vesta 1000 CNC VMC, Toyoda FA 450 II CNC HMC w/ Fanuc 15-M Control, Mitutoyo F805 CMM w/Upgraded Software, Band Saw, Large Selection of Kurt Vises, Cutting Tools, 40 Taper Tool Holders, CP QRS-10 10HP Rotary Air Compressor, Forklift and Support in Fremont, CA

Medical Component Facility – October 10, 2023

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Micro Precision CNC Machining & Sunnen Honing Facility
MFG of Medical Components and Devices
4) Sunnen ML-2000-DF Honing Machines, 2) Sunnen MBB-1660 Honing Machines, 7) Hardinge HLVH & HC Chucker Lathes, Hardinge Speed Lathes, Supermax FV102A CNC VMC, 2) Omni Turn GT-75 CNC Lathes, Harig 618W Surface Grinder, Jet and Bridgeport Milling Machines, Large Selection of Sunnen Honing Mandrels, Stones, Microscopes, Tooling, Inspection Tools, Kaeser SM 7.5 T Rotary Air Compressor, Lista Cabinets, Hole Gages, and Support in Campbell, CA

CNC Machine Equipment – October 3, 2023

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Precision CNC Machine Tools / Metal Fab & Gear Equipment
2) Potencia Industrial P-34 100 HP Motor Generators for Turbine w/ Controls, Leather MFG Equipment, 2008 Generac 600KW Generator w/ Doosan P222FE Diesel Engine w/ Mighty Mover 3 Axle Trailer, Large Selection of Grinding Equipment
Jetline WHL-4C6X6K Seam Welder w/ Pandjiris 30-6AB POSIT Welding Positioner, 2014 Haas ST-15 CNC Lathe, Haas VF-4 CNC VMC, Haas CNC Lathes, and VMC’s,2001 Femco CNC VMC, Sutherland Mark 88 Gap Frame 88 Ton Punch Press, Cincinnati CB-135 135 Ton Hyd Press Brake, All Steel 20 Ton Press Brake, Haco 6 Ft Hyd Plate Rolls, Fellows Precision Gear Checkers, Fellows Hydrostroke CNC Gear Shaper, Mori Seiki SL-3, Sunnen Hones, Excello Heald ID Grinders, Landis OD Grinders, Arter Rotary Grinders, Tooling, Nardini Engine Lathe, and Hyster Forklifts.
La Mirada, CA

HAAS CNC Machining Facility – September 28, 2023

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“HAAS” Precision CNC Machining & Turning Facility
Over 15 Haas CNC Machine Tools
Matsuura H.Plus-300 PC11 HMC w/ 11 Pallets, Haas VF-4B VMC, Haas VF-2B CNC VMC, 4) Haas SL-10 CNC Turning Centers, 3) Haas VF-E CNC VMC’s, Haas VF-4 CNC VMC, 3) Haas VF-0 CNC VMC’s, Haas VF-2 CNC VMC, Engine Lathes, Inspection Departement, Mitutoyo PH-A14 Comparator, 2010 Infiniti G37 4 Door Car, CAT 5000 lb Forklift, IR Air Compressor, Tooling, Tool Holders, Tumbstones, Support Tools and ETC.
Riverside, CA

Medical Machining Facility – September 19, 2023

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Ultra Precision “HAAS” CNC Machining & Turning Facility
MFG of Complex Medical & Semiconductor Products
2012 Haas EC-400PP CNC HMC w/ 6 Pallet Pool Changer, 2008 Haas EC-400PP CNC HMC w/ 6 Pallet Pool Changer, 2012 Haas EC-400 CNC HMC, 2005 Haas EC-400 CNC HMC, 2014 Haas DT-1 CNC Mill w/ Pallet Changer, 2012 Haas DT-1 CNC Drill/ Tap Mill, Haas VF-6 CNC VMC, 2) Haas VF3 CNC VMC, 2014 Haas ST30 CNC Lathe, 2013 Haas ST10 CNC Lathe w/ Live Tool, Haas SL-10 CNC Lathe, Haas SL-20 CNC Lathe, Haas HL-1 CNC Lathe, Fanuc Robodrill w/ Pallet Changer, Haas Rotary Tables, Bar Feeders, Brown & Sharpe CMM’s, Large Selection of Manual Machinery, Kalamazoo H10614248 Programmable Horizontal Band Saw, Large Selection of CNC Tooling, Vises, Carbide, Support Tools, 2014 GMC Van in Hayward, CA

Lab Equipment Auction – September 12, 2023

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Biopharmaceutical Laboratory / R & D Equipment & Instruments
Large Selection of Laboratory Equipment, Extruders, Presses and Testing
Schumidt Servo Press CNC model 415-480175, 2006 BioQ Hydragon Peroxide Vapor Generator, Eppendorf 5415R Centrifuge, Beckman Coulter Spectrophotometer, Brabender Prep Center, Thermo Nicolete FT-IR Spectrometer, Vacuum Ovens, Lab Ovens, Microscopes, WAB Dyno Mill Ball Mill, 2006 Getinge Work Staiong Isolator Booth, 8) Varian & Vankel Dissolution Sampling Systems, 2) Hanson Virtual Prep System, Instron 3343 Tensile Tester, Randcastle Screw Extruder, Stokes and Caleva Tablet Presses, Heaters, Tube Heaters, Ultrasonic Tanks, VWR Vortexers, IKG AS260 Shakers, Vacuum Pumps, Shakers, Temp Controllers, Flow Hoods, Cabinets, Roche Three Glove Flow Hood, Pumps, ESA HPLC Samplers, Mettler Toledo Scales, Machine Shop Equipment, CMS Cross Slide CNC Lathe, Grinders, Tools, Support Equipment in Cupertino & Vacaville, CA