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Aerospace Machining Inspection Facility – May 31, 2023

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Aerospace CNC Machining & Inspection Facility
25,000 SQ FT MFG Facility / Over 500 Lots
Emco Maxturn 65 CNC Multi Axis Turning Center w/ Live Tooling, Enschu Model EV530 CNC VMC, 2) Mori Seiki SL-3 CNC Lathes, 4) Mori Seiki SL-4 CNC Lathes, Mori Seiki SL-25MC CNC Lathe, Mori Seiki SL-35A CNC Lathe, Haas VF-10 CNC VMC, 3) Leblond Makino MC-65-A60 HMC’s, 9) Leblond Makino FNC 74-A30 CNC VMC’s, 3) Leblond Makino FNC 106-A20 CNC VMC’s, 3) Leblond Makino FNC 128-A30 CNC VMC’s, Nigata SPN50 CNC HMC, Large Selection of Engine Lathes, Vertical Mills, Saws, Air Compressors, Forklifts, Trucks, Sheffield Cordax Endeavor CMM, Keyence XM-2200 CMM, Large Selection of Aerospace Inspection Tools, Gages, Mics, Tooling, Support Tools.
City of Industry, CA

Metal Stamping Facility – June 6, 2023

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Pristine “komatsu” Metal Stamping Facility
Stamping Presses Upto 200 Tons
2) Komatsu OBS-200 200 Ton Gap Frame Stamping Presses, Komatsu 150 Ton Gap Frame Stamping Press, Komatsu 80 Ton Stamping Press, 5) Komatsu 60 Ton Stamping Presses, 3) Komatsu 45 Ton Stamping Presses, Aida 60 Ton Gap Frame Stamping Press, 15,000 lb Cradle Straightner and 10,000 lb Rowe Payoff Reel, Feed Lines, Wintress Die Controls, Complete Tool & Die Shop, 3 Forklifts, Complete Deburring / Tumbling Department, Shuster Wire Straightening Machine, Tooling, Racking, and More.
Corona, CA

CNC Machining Sheet Metal Facility – June 13, 2023

| May 19, 2023 | 0 Comments

Precision CNC Machining & Sheet Metal Fab Facility
MFG of Industrial and Commercial Metal Products
Cincinnati CB Hydraulic Press Brake, Wysong Press Brakes, Verson Mechanical Press Brake, Accurpress Hyd Press Brake, Wysong 10Ft Mechanical Power Shear, Large Selection of Press Brake Tooling, 2) Amada CS-220 Notcher, 2) Amada 3/16” Mechanical Power Shear, Auto Sert Insertion Presses,Haeger Insertion Presses, Timesaver Wide Belt Grainers, Burr King Sanders, Plate Rolls, Strippit Single End Punches, Strippit CNC Turret Punches, Strippit Thin Turret Tooling, Fabrication Tools, and Support, Fadal CNC VMC-5020A, 2) Fadal VMC-4020, Fadal VMC-40, Hardinge HLVH Tool Room Lathes, Hardinge DV-59 2nd Op Lathes, Bridgeport Vertical Mills, Lathes, Welding Department, Amada HA250W Auto Band Saw, Band Saws, Doringer D350 Cold Saws, Large Selection of Tooling, Cutting Tools, Vises, Chucks, Collets, Support Tools, Caterpillar LPG Forklift, 2) Toyota Forklifts.
Monrovia, CA

State of the Art Aerospace Machining MFG Facility – June 15, 2023

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State of the Art Aerospace Machining & MFG Facility
Large Capacity 5 Axis Machining / Boring / Welding
SNK FSP-80V/5 5 Axis Machining Center, Femco BMC-110 R2 CNC Boring Mill, Femco BMC-110 CNC Boring Mill, Kuraki MH-630 HMC, Anayak 2 Pallet HMC, Ikegai NB 11T Horizontal Boring Mill, Haas VF-5 CNC VMC, Kafo 15800 CNC VMC, Bystronics 2524 Waterjet Cutting System, Blanchard Model 32HD-60 60” Rotary Grinder, 3) Soraluce TR2 Model Radial Drills, Grinding Department, Amada HFA-16S Auto Band Saw, Large Selection of Mori Seiki Engine Lathes, Cadillac Large Capacity Engine Lathe, Bridgeport EZ Trak Mills, Horizontal Mills, Boring Mills, Trak K3 CNC Mill, Williams White & Co 600 Ton 4 Post Hydraulic Press, Zeiss Contura CNC CMM, Mahr PCV Perthometer, Large Selection of Tooling, Carbide Tools, Holders, Vises, and Support, Forklifts, Air Compressors, State of the Art Welding Equipment, Cutting Machines, Saws, and Support.
Over 300 Lots of CNC Tooling, Support and Inspection.
Fullerton, CA

Structural Welding Fab Auction – May 23, 2023

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Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metal Fab & Erection Equipment
Structural Welding & Fabrication
MFG of Custom I-Beams & Installation
Over 500 Lots including Marvel Saws
Cincinnati 90CB 12ft x 90 Ton Hyd Press Brake, Wysong MTH60-96 Press Brake, Power Shears, Piranha Iron Workers, Plasma Cutting System, Bailegh Tube Benders, Spartan Horizontal Band Saw, Over 40 Welders, Miller and Lincold Portable Welders, Hyster Forkifts, Chevy 3500 HD Utility Truck, 2) International 4300 DT466 Diesel Flat Bed Trucks, Ford Crane Truck, Acorn Tables, Large Quantity of Power Tools, Air Compressors, Structural Material, Support Tools, 4) Shipping Containers and More.
In Conjuction with KI Auctions
Stockton, CA

CNC Machining Auction – May 17, 2023

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Precision CNC Machining & Turning Auction
2003 Mazak FH-6800 CNC HMC, 2) Mazak FH-4800 CNC HMC’s, 2) 2002 Mazak FH-4000 CNC HMC’s, 2) 2004/2005 Femco HL-55S CNC Lathes, 2002 Mazak SQT-200MS CNC Turning Center, 2004 Haas SL-20 CNC Lathe with Barfeed, Tooling and Support.
Cerritos, CA

Aerospace 5 Axis Facility – April 18, 2023

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First Class “Aerospace 5 Axis” CNC Machining & Zeiss Metrology Facility
4) DMG Mori Seiki DMU-50 5 Axis CNC Machining Center, 2007 Mori SeikiDV 5060 CNC Lathe, 2006 Mori Seiki Duraturn 2050 CNC Lathe, Mori Seiki SL-200 CNC Lathe, Mori Seiki SL-150 CNC Lathe, Mori Seiki DV5100 CNC VMC, Mori Seiki NV5000 CNV VMC, 3) Mori Seiki MV40E CNC VMC’s, Mori Seiki SV-50 CNC VMC, Mori Seiki FM VMC, Mori Seiki MV 55 CNC VMC, 2017 Zeiss Contura G2 CMM, 2017 Zeiss Contura CMM, 2016 Zeiss Contura CMM, Zeiss Eclipse CMM, 2010 Helmel Phoenix CMM, 2) Epilog G2 and 4 Axis Laser Engravers, Very Large Selection of Carbide Tooling, 5 Axis Holders, CNC Tool Holders, Large Selection of Inspection Tools, Hyd Mech Band Saws, Bridgeport Mills, Mori Seiki Engine Lathe, Kaeser and Quincy Late Model Air Compessors, Tool Setters, Foam Packing Machinery, Executive Offices.
Irvine, CA

Custom Woodworking Facility – April 4, 2023

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Custom Wood Cabinet MFG & Woodworking Facility
18,000 SQ FT Woodworking Facility
Biesse Rover B 4.40 FT-K CNC Router w/ Tool Changer, Edge Bander, 2) Blum Minipress Boring & Insertion Machine, 2) Saw Stop Table Saws, Timesaver Single Head Wide Belt Sander, SCMI T110 Shaper, Holzher 1270 Super Auto Panel Saw, CTD Miter Saws, Band Saws, Stroke Sander, Large Selectionof Cutting Tools, Power Tools, Large Selection Hard Wood Raw Material, Mistubishi 5000 lb Lpg Forklift, Finished Cabinet Product, and Much More.
Sun Valley, CA

Sheet Metal Facility – March 30, 2023

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Precision Sheet Metal Fab Facility
Accushear 10Ft x .25” Hyd Power Shear, Atlantic Hydraulic Press Brake w/ Auto Back Gage, Roper Whitney 10ft x 16ga Hand Brake, Various Finger Brakes, Scotchman 4014 Iron Worker, Spot Welders, Rotex Punch, Band Saws, Notchers, Plasma Cutters, Large Selection of Press Brake Tooling, Fab Tools, Toyota 3000lb Electric Forklift, Champ 6000lb Gas Forklift, Mitsubishi 5000lb LPG Forklift, Welding Department, Hand and Power Tools, Material.
Signal Hill, CA

Precision Mold Making Facility – March 28, 2023

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Precision CNC Machining & Mold Making Facility
Haas VF 3 CNC VMC, Birmingham CNC Milling Machine, Kasuga Production Master CNC MIll, Lagun Vertical Milling Machine, Phoenix Cold Saw, JFMT Amura Engine Lathe, B & S Grinders, Grinders, Saws, Large Selection of Tooling, Forklift and Support.
Sun Valley, CA

Laser Cutting Facility – March 23, 2023

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Precision “Mori Seiki” CNC Machining & Laser Cutting / Fab Facility
2004 Mori Seiki NH6300/50 CNC HMC, Mori Seiki SH-630 CNC HMC, Mori Seiki SL250 CNC Lathe, 2) Mori Seiki SL-250BMC Lathe, 2) Mori Seiki SL-25 CNC Lathe, Large Selection of Tooling, Support Trumpf CNC Laser w/ Liftmaser loader,Pacific Hydraulic Press Brake, Hunter DSP 600 Car Alignment Machine, Hunter TC3250 Tire Changer, Bend Pak Car Lifts, Hydraulic Bailers, Toyota Forklifts, Large Selection of Office Equipment & Furniture.
Chino, CA

EDM Facility – March 21, 2023

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Precision Waterjet / CNC Machining & EDM Cut Facility
MFG of Complex Aerospace & Automotive Products in 2 Locations
Omax 55100 3 Axis w/ Tiltajet CNC Waterjet, Omax 55100 3 Axis Waterjet, Omax Fabricator 3 Axis Waterjet, Omax 2652 3 Axis Waterjet, 2) 2014 & 2013 Mitsubishi 1200MD+Pro 3 CNC Wire EDM’s, 2017 Mitsubishi 1200S Wire EDM, Large Selection of Garnet Hoppers, Machine Tools, Mills, Allsteel Press Brake, 2) 2001 Fadal VMC 15 CNC w/ 4th Axis, Fadal VMC 4020, Fadal VMC 3016, Large Selection of Tooling, Cutting Tools, Inspection, Instron 20 Kip Tensile Tester, High Temperature Furnace, Thermal Cycle Oven Cro Temps, Autoclave with Instrumentation, Thermal Testing Gear, Thermotron Thermal Cycle Machine, Modular Cleanroooms, Toyota Forklift, Container, Gages, Support Tools, Tools, Carts, and Racks.
Huntington Beach, CA

Precision CNC Machining & MFG Facility – March 16, 2023

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Precision CNC Machining & MFG Facility
2013 Doosan GT2100 CNC Lathe, Daewoo Puma 230 CNC Lathe, Daewoo Puma 240B CNC Lathe, Haas VF3 CNC VMC, Cincinnati Cinco 15 Centerless Grinder, Reed A22HB Thread Roller w/ Hangers, Hem H-105 A-4 Horizontal Band Saw, Mori Seiki 850 Lathe, Lathes, Milling Machines, Large Selection of Tooling, Cutting Tools, Inspection, Toyota Forklift, Air Compressors, and Support.
Valencia, CA

Precision CNC Machine Tools – February 21, 2023

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Precision CNC Machine Tools / Bottling Line & Classic Cars
2015 Cazzoli Model RFC-140 Liquid Filling Line for 12-120ML Bottles, Vitamin D Processing Machine, 1952 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn (Survivor, Left Hand Driven), 1966 Ford T-Bird Convertible w/ 428 Engine, 2017 Haas DS-30SSY Multi Axis Turning Center w/ Live Turret & Y Axis, Tormec Tubo Mobil 4”-54” Spiral Duct Machine, Vicon Plasma Table, Hand Brakes, Roll Formers, 5) Bridgeport Vertical Style Mills, Engine Lathes, Nakamura Tome SC-300 CNC Lathe, Kia V25P CNC VMC, Star SV-20 CNC Screw Machine, Machine Tools, Grinders, Support Tools and Tooling.
South El Monte, CA

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Facility – February 14, 2023

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Pristine “Amada” Sheet Metal Fab & Laser Cutting Facility
2019 Amada Ensis3015 AJ 3000 Watt Fiber Laser, 2019 Amada HM2204 14′ x 220 Ton CNC Press Brake, Amada M-4065 13′ x .25” Mechanical Power Shear w/ CNC Back Gage, 2001 Amada Lasmac LC-2415III 3000 Watt CNC Laser, Amada RG-125 CNC Press Brake, 2) Amada RG-35S CNC Press Brake, Amada COMA 567 CNC Turret Punch, 2) Amada CSHW-220 Corner Notchers, Amada H-400 13′ x 1/2” Hyd Power Shear, Amada M-1260 4ft x .236” Power Shear, Amada M-4045 13′ x 3/16” Mechanical Power Shear, Amada HFA 400W Auto Band Saw, Large Selection of Forming Dies, Amada Turret Tooling, Welding Department, Fabrication Equipment, Material, Tooling, Machine Tools, Racks, and Support.
South El Monte, CA

Machine Tools Metal Fabrication Auction – February 2, 2023

| January 10, 2023 | 0 Comments

Major Machine Tools & Metal Fabricating Auction
Over 100 Machines To Be Sold
2003 Cyril Bath V-20 CNC Horizontal Stretch Forming Machine, Daewoo 350MA CNC Lathe, 3) Okuma Cadetmate 4020 CNC VMC’s, Fadal 6030 CNC VMC, Haas VF VMC’s, JSW J85EII, J110EII, 310EII Injection Molders, LVD Hydaulic Press Brake and Shear, Accurpress 7608 Press Brake, Calypso Hammerhead 3Waterjet, Haeger HP6-B Insertion Press, Hannifin T-9455 Straightening Press, Minster 70-4 Press, Strippit Delta 1000 CNC Turret Punch, Bullard 42” & 30″ Cuttmaster VTL’s, Barber Colman Gear Shaper, 2) Blanchard 18-36 Rotary Grinders, 2) Elb Surface Grinders, Over 10 Engine Lathes, Band Saws, Power Shears, Power Press Brakes, Over 20 Bridgeport Type Vertical Mills, Large Selection of Tooling, Support Tools and More.
Pomona, CA