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For over 20 years, AAG has been performing Auctions, Liquidations and Appraisals for all forms of Machinery, Equipment, Inventory and Real Estate on a national basis. AAG is headquartered in Los Angeles, with affiliates in Northern California and the East Coast.

AAG is known as a leader in our profession for generating on average the “highest” Auction & Liquidation returns (oftentimes FAIRMARKET VALUE). This success is due to AAG having one of the largest “Proprietary” computerized mailing systems, conjoined with a client base consisting of repeat customers. AAG offers CASH BUY OUTS, Guarantees, or Commission Sale Programs. AAG has two offsite storage facilities to relocate assets (if required) and to conduct sales.

AAG performs approximately 90 to 100 auctions and liquidations a year “and growing” (among the most in our industry, and provider of web-cast & on-line sales). American Auctioneers Group has experience working with companies from a diverse array of fields. Projects range from small companies to Fortune 500 companies such as:


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AAG’s growth and success comes from its talented and devoted staff who work in close partnership with every client to achieve optimal performance, goals and expectations, combined with AAG’s proven knowledge of various marketplaces, data base of buyers, companies, end-users, and dealers on a global basis.

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THURSDAY August 4, 2016

Live & On-Line Auction
Major Automatics & CNC Machining Facility
BUDA Precision, Inc.
Mazak CNC Turning & Milling Machines,
Fadal CNC VMC's, Kia Turn CNC Lathes,
Miyano CNC turning, Over 15) Davenport
Multi Spindle Screw Machines, Acme Gridley
Auto Screw Machines, New Britain No. 52 Auto
Screw Machines, Engine Lathes, Milling,
Cincinnati OM Centerless Grinder, Large Selection
of Inspection Tools, Tooling, Support, Very Large
Selection of Useable Material, and Offices
Cerritos, CA
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TUESDAY August 9, 2016

Live & On-Line Auction
Precision CNC Machining Facility
MFG of Aerospace Components & Parts
Okuma 2SP-V55 CNC VTL, 2005 Hyundai
Kia SKT250MS Lathe, 2) Hyundai SKT-250
CNC Lathes, Miyano ATS-60s CNC Lathe,
Okuma HMC, Machine Tools, Mills, Lathes,
Large Selection of Tooling, Inspection.
Seattle, WA
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THURSDAY August 11, 2016

Live & On-Line Auction
Large CNC Machining & Mfg. Facility
5) 2007 Litz Hitech CV-1400 50 taper CNC VMC's,
2006 Haas VF6/50 CNC VMC, Haas VF-0 CNC
VMC's, 9) Supermax 22 x 36 Gap Engine Lathes,
3) Supermax 26 x 36 Gap Engine Lathes,
Blanchard Grinders, Milling Machines, 2) Wafer Saws,
Machine Tools, Tooling, Support.
Fremont, CA
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FRIDAY August 12, 2016

Live & On-Line Auction
Haas CNC Machining & Grinding
7) Haas CNC VMc's, Kent 14 x 40 suffice grinder, Yamizen 18 x 59 hyd surface grinder, 2) Supertec OD grinders, Milling machines, lathes, Landis OD grinder, Support Tools
Fremont, CA
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TUESDAY August 16, 2016

Live & On-Line Auction
Amada Sheet Metal Fab & Machining Facility
Mfg. of Automotive Performance Products
2005 Amada FO-3015NT 4000 Watt CNC Laser w/ Shuttle Table, 2000 Amada Apeilio III 367V CNC Turret Punch Laser Combo w/2000 Watt laser and Load System, 2000 Amada HFE 130-3S 130 ton CNC brake, Amada HFE 50-20S CNC Press Brake, Wysong Brake, Scotchman up to 120 ton Iron Workers, Nakamura SC-300 CNC Lathe, Matsuura 550VG 4 axis VMC, Daewoo Puma 2000 SY CNC Lathe with Sub Spindle, 2) Hyd Mech S20A Saws, Soco SB-65x2B-!S CNC Tube Bender, CNC Lathes & Mills, Tooling, Forklifts, Racking and Support
Chino Valley (Prescott), AZ
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THURSDAY August 18, 2016

Major New & Used CNC Machine Tools
Multi Million Dollar Replacement Cost
5) Mighty Viper CNC Bridge Mills, Models
B4000GTDW, B3120PXT, B3000BXT,
Mighty Viper (New) VTL 20/24M CNC VTL,
CNC VMC's, Turning Lathes, Daewoo H500
CNC HMC, Mitsubishi HMC-400 HMC, Mighty
VMC1500, VMC 2100, VMC 1230AG, VMC
PRO1000 AG CNC VMC's, Tools, Forklifts.
Torrance, CA

TUESDAY August 23, 2016

Live & On-Line Auction
Major Automatics & CNC Machining Facility
RSM Products
CNC Machine Tools, 17) Davenport Automatic Screw Machines, Acme Gridley Auto Screw Machines, B & S Auto Screw Machines, Pave CNC Wire Bender, 2) Lewis Straightener Cutter Machines, Fabrication Machinery, Centerless Grinding,Large Selection of Inspection Tools, Very Big selection of Davenport Tooling, and Support.

Hayward, CA
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THURSDAY August 25, 2016

Ultra Modern CNC Machining Facility
State of the Art Equipment and Support
2014 Hyundai Wia H63 HMC, 2001 Hyundai Wia, KH63 HMC, 2014 YCI NSV1020 CNC VMC, 2013, YCI NXV 1020 VMC, 2) 2008 YCI 1020A VMC's, 4) 2014/ 2013 Takisawa NEX110 & 2007 EX110 CNC Lathes, 2014 Zeiss Calipso G2RDS CMM, 2008 Makino SP43 CNC Wire EDM, 2012 4 axis Laser Marker and Engraver, Hwacheon CNC lathes, Kia CNC lathes, 2) Mitsubishi J35 EDM's, Large selection of machine tools, tooling, inspection and support.

Windsor, CA

TUESDAY September 13, 2016

CNC Machine Tools & Metal Fab
CNC Machine Tools, Engine Lathes,
Milling Machines, Grinders, Sheet
Metal Fab Equipment, Tooling, Power
Tools, and Support
South El Monte, CA

Complete 100 MW Coal Fired Power Plant Available For Sale in Trona, CA

Complete Clean Coal Fired Plant build in 1989 and Turbine rebuilt in 2010.
$120 Million Dollar Replacement Value.
Complete Coal handling system, DM Plant, Lime System, Steam Turbine Generator, Condenser, Cooling Towers, Electrical 115 kv GSU, On of the cleanest Burning Plants in the World. Over 95% Historical up time.
For Sale in Bulk or Piecemeal.

Trona, CA




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