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Lab Equipment Auction – September 12, 2023

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Biopharmaceutical Laboratory / R & D Equipment & Instruments
Large Selection of Laboratory Equipment, Extruders, Presses and Testing
Schumidt Servo Press CNC model 415-480175, 2006 BioQ Hydragon Peroxide Vapor Generator, Eppendorf 5415R Centrifuge, Beckman Coulter Spectrophotometer, Brabender Prep Center, Thermo Nicolete FT-IR Spectrometer, Vacuum Ovens, Lab Ovens, Microscopes, WAB Dyno Mill Ball Mill, 2006 Getinge Work Staiong Isolator Booth, 8) Varian & Vankel Dissolution Sampling Systems, 2) Hanson Virtual Prep System, Instron 3343 Tensile Tester, Randcastle Screw Extruder, Stokes and Caleva Tablet Presses, Heaters, Tube Heaters, Ultrasonic Tanks, VWR Vortexers, IKG AS260 Shakers, Vacuum Pumps, Shakers, Temp Controllers, Flow Hoods, Cabinets, Roche Three Glove Flow Hood, Pumps, ESA HPLC Samplers, Mettler Toledo Scales, Machine Shop Equipment, CMS Cross Slide CNC Lathe, Grinders, Tools, Support Equipment in Cupertino & Vacaville, CA

Fadal CNC Machining Facility – September 7, 2023

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“FADAL” Precision CNC Machining Facility
MFG of Complex Aerospace & Commercial Products
2018 Fadal VMC 2520R-II, 2002 Fadal CNC VMC 4020HT, 2002 Fadal CNC VMC 3016HT, 2001 Fadal CNC VMC 3016HT, 2000 Fadal CNC VMC 4020HT, 2) 1997 Fadal CNC VMC 3016HT, 1997 Fadal CNC VMC 15RT, 1995 Fadal CNC VMC 5020AHT, 1994 Fadal CNCVMC 4020HT, 1993 Fadal CNC VMC 20, 1989 Fadal CNC VMC 40, Fadal CNC VMC 4020HT, 2005 Clausing Storm CNC VMC1020SF with Fanuc Control, 2005 Clausing Storm  CNC VMC610SF with Fanuc Control, Cadillac Lathe, Milling Machine, Large Selectionof Tool Holders, CT-40 and BT-40, Over 30 Kurt Vises, Tooling, Cutting Tools, Carbide Tools, Inspection Tools, Starrett Comparator, Toyota 5000 Lb Forklift, Fiac 20hp Rotary Air Compressor, Fiac 10hp Rotary Air Compressor, and Support.
Santa Ana, CA

Aerospace CNC Machining – August 29 & 30, 2023

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2) PV/T Vacuum Brazing Furnaces w/ Alumium Brazer 7 Zone VRT 36”x 36” x 60” 1200 Deg F w/ Honeywell HC900 Wonderware Software, 3) Makino A51 4 Axis CNC HMC’s, Matsuura HPLUS 630 2 Pallet CNC HMC, Matsuura HPLUS 300 11 Pallet 4 Axis CNC HMC, Matsuura HPLUS 405 6 Pallet 4 Axis CNC HMC, OKK KCV 800 5 Axis CNC VMC, Mazak Variaxis 630 5AX 5 Axis VMC, 3) Toyoda FG550S 2 Pallet CNC HMC’s, 2) Toyoda HS450S 2 Pallet CNC HMC’s, Toyoda 2 FH450S 24 Pallet FMS System, Haas VF-6 CNC VMC, 3) Haas VF-4 CNC VMC, 4) Haas VF-3D CNC VMC’s, 3) Fadal 4020 CNC VMC’s, 3) Hitachi Seiki HG400III CNC HMC’s, Kia Turn 21 CNC Lathe, 3) Sodick AQ55L CNC 4 Axis Sinker EDM’s, Sodick AQ750L CNC Wire EDM, 8) Brown & Sharpe CMM’s, Mitsubishi ML4030D 3015 CO2 Laser, Strippit 1250S 30 Ton CNC Punch, Cincinnati 10ft x 90 Ton Hyd Press Brake, Di Acro 75 Ton and 14 Ton Press Brakes, Amada Notcher, Di Acro Benders and Rollers, Large Selection of CNC Machine Tools, Tooling, Aerospace Inspection Tools, Gages, Rivetors, Benders, Tool Holders, 4th Axis Rotary Tables, Cabinets, Tumbstones, Forklifts, and Air Compressors Too Much To List
Simi Valley, CA

Distillery Auction – August 24, 2023

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Los Angeles Craft “DISTILLERY” Auction
Producer of Craft Vodka & Gin
Carl Artisan Copper Pot Still, 2014 3) Letina Stainless Steel 2000 Liter Type Z2000HV11 Fementing Tanks, 2015 Letina PZ1000S10 1000L Tank, Willmes Type 2300 Presser Extractor, Mori Bottle Filler, 14) Liquid Storage Containers, Plastic Storage Barrels, 2014 General Boiler Model GBSm3smln25 Boiler, Contianers, Glass Bottles, Tanks and More in Los Angeles, CA

Large Capacity Machining Facility – August 1, 2023

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Medical Packaging & Assembly Facility
Multi Million Dollar Covid Rapid Test Cassette Assembly & Packaging
67) 2021 Gereke GRK-TW01 Cassette Assembly & Packaging Lines with High Precision Cutting and Placing Mechanism. Over 30 Million Dollar Replacement Value. Rongyu “New” Packaging and Crating Machinery, Large Selection of Vibratory Bowls, and Support.
Moved from Irvine CA for the Convenience of Sale La Mirada, CA

Foklift Auction – July 27, 2023

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Late Model “Hyster & Yale” Foklift Auction
2012 to 2014 15) Yale GLC050VXNVSE083 5000 lb LPG Forklifts (11,000 to 16,000 hours), 2017 Yale GLP05050VX 5000 lb Forklift w/ Pneumatic Tires 3 Stage and Side Shift, 2017 Hyster H60FT 6000 Lb Forklift w/ Pneumatic Tires 3 Stage, 2) 2017 Hyster H50FT 5000 lb Forklifts w/ Pneumatic Tires 3 Stage Sideshift, 2016 Hyster S50FT 5000 lb Forklift w/ Cushion Tires 3 Stage Sideshift
Montebello, CA

Medical Packaging Facility – July 26, 2023

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Medical Packaging & Assembly Facility
Multi Million Dollar Covid Rapid Test Cassette Assembly & Packaging
67) 2021 Gereke GRK-TW01 Cassette Assembly & Packaging Lines with High Precision Cutting and Placing Mechanism. Over 30 Million Dollar Replacement Value. Rongyu “New” Packaging and Crating Machinery, Large Selection of Vibratory Bowls, and Support.
Moved from Irvine CA for the Convenience of Sale La Mirada, CA

Composite MFG & Curing Facility – July 25, 2023

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State of The Art Composite MFG & Curing Facility
MFG of Carbon Fiber Military Helmets & Protective Gear
4) Spalinger 5′ x 20′ Autoclaves w/ PLC Controls, Ward Water Jet, ICM Abrasive Blasting System w/ Donaldson Dust Collector, Walk In Ovens, Curing Ovens, Grinding Booths, Over 25 Gardner Denver Vacuum Systems and Tanks, Atlas Copco Air Compressor, Sala 3M-DBI Mobile Lift System, X-Ray Units, Large Selection of Downdraft Tables, Cabinets, Rolling Carts, Fume Hoods, Tables, Conveyors, Shelving, and Etc. By Appointment Only & Must be U.S. Citizen to Enter Facility Irvine, CA
Irvine, CA and La Mirada, CA

Precision CNC Machine Tools & MFG Equipment – July 18, 2023

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Precision CNC Machine Tools & MFG Equipment
2013 Mori Seiki DMC 1035 CNC VMC, Hurco TM 12 CNC Lathe, 2016 Doosan DNM 5700 CNC VMC, 2014 Haas ST-25 CNC Lathe, Prot Trak SLX CNC Lathe,2011 Shenyang CAK CNC Lathe, DeHoff 1536 CNC Gun Drilling Machine, Extrude Hone Spectrum VIII Media Honing Machine w/ Controls, Cincinnati Centerless Grinder, Hardinge HLVH Toolroom Lathe, Magnaflux 11-700 Magnetic Particle Inspection, Cincinnati CB175 12ft X 175 Hyd CNC Press Brake, Accupress 8FT x 60 Ton Hyd Press Brake, Okuma CadetMate CNC VMC, 12) Skyjack Model 4620, 3220, 3219 Electric Scissor Lifts, 2) 2014 Quincy QGV-75 75hp Rotary Air Compressors, Over 40 Envirco Mac 10 2 x4 Filter Fan Units, CNC Tool Holders, Machine Tools and Support.
La Mirada, CA

State of the Art Aerospace Machining MFG Facility – June 15, 2023

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State of the Art Aerospace Machining & MFG Facility
Large Capacity 5 Axis Machining / Boring / Welding
SNK FSP-80V/5 5 Axis Machining Center, Femco BMC-110 R2 CNC Boring Mill, Femco BMC-110 CNC Boring Mill, Kuraki MH-630 HMC, Anayak 2 Pallet HMC, Ikegai NB 11T Horizontal Boring Mill, Haas VF-5 CNC VMC, Kafo 15800 CNC VMC, Bystronics 2524 Waterjet Cutting System, Blanchard Model 32HD-60 60” Rotary Grinder, 3) Soraluce TR2 Model Radial Drills, Grinding Department, Amada HFA-16S Auto Band Saw, Large Selection of Mori Seiki Engine Lathes, Cadillac Large Capacity Engine Lathe, Bridgeport EZ Trak Mills, Horizontal Mills, Boring Mills, Trak K3 CNC Mill, Williams White & Co 600 Ton 4 Post Hydraulic Press, Zeiss Contura CNC CMM, Mahr PCV Perthometer, Large Selection of Tooling, Carbide Tools, Holders, Vises, and Support, Forklifts, Air Compressors, State of the Art Welding Equipment, Cutting Machines, Saws, and Support.
Over 300 Lots of CNC Tooling, Support and Inspection.
Fullerton, CA

Inspection Tool Facility – June 20, 2023

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Precision Inspection Tool MFG Facility
MFG of Fine Indicator Stands & Indexers
Hardinge HLVH Tool Room Lathe, Mori Seiki Engine Lathe, Tool Room Lathes, Bridgeport Milling Machines, Maegerle Brothers FP-10-S1 Surface Grinder, Maegerle Brothers F-10 Fine Surface Grinder, Myford Precison OD Grinder, Deckel Tool Grinders, Brown & Sharpe CMM, Cameron Model 2001-S CNC Micro Milling Machine, Select ZUTM Universal Milling Machine, Very Large Selection of Inspection Tools, Instruments, Tooling, Microscopes, Tappers, Hardness Testers, and Support.
Canoga Park, CA

CNC Machining Sheet Metal Facility – June 13, 2023

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Precision CNC Machining & Sheet Metal Fab Facility
MFG of Industrial and Commercial Metal Products
Cincinnati CB Hydraulic Press Brake, Wysong Press Brakes, Verson Mechanical Press Brake, Accurpress Hyd Press Brake, Wysong 10Ft Mechanical Power Shear, Large Selection of Press Brake Tooling, 2) Amada CS-220 Notcher, 2) Amada 3/16” Mechanical Power Shear, Auto Sert Insertion Presses,Haeger Insertion Presses, Timesaver Wide Belt Grainers, Burr King Sanders, Plate Rolls, Strippit Single End Punches, Strippit CNC Turret Punches, Strippit Thin Turret Tooling, Fabrication Tools, and Support, Fadal CNC VMC-5020A, 2) Fadal VMC-4020, Fadal VMC-40, Hardinge HLVH Tool Room Lathes, Hardinge DV-59 2nd Op Lathes, Bridgeport Vertical Mills, Lathes, Welding Department, Amada HA250W Auto Band Saw, Band Saws, Doringer D350 Cold Saws, Large Selection of Tooling, Cutting Tools, Vises, Chucks, Collets, Support Tools, Caterpillar LPG Forklift, 2) Toyota Forklifts.
Monrovia, CA

Metal Stamping Facility – June 6, 2023

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Pristine “komatsu” Metal Stamping Facility
Stamping Presses Upto 200 Tons
2) Komatsu OBS-200 200 Ton Gap Frame Stamping Presses, Komatsu 150 Ton Gap Frame Stamping Press, Komatsu 80 Ton Stamping Press, 5) Komatsu 60 Ton Stamping Presses, 3) Komatsu 45 Ton Stamping Presses, Aida 60 Ton Gap Frame Stamping Press, 15,000 lb Cradle Straightner and 10,000 lb Rowe Payoff Reel, Feed Lines, Wintress Die Controls, Complete Tool & Die Shop, 3 Forklifts, Complete Deburring / Tumbling Department, Shuster Wire Straightening Machine, Tooling, Racking, and More.
Corona, CA

Aerospace Machining Inspection Facility – May 31, 2023

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Aerospace CNC Machining & Inspection Facility
25,000 SQ FT MFG Facility / Over 500 Lots
Emco Maxturn 65 CNC Multi Axis Turning Center w/ Live Tooling, Enschu Model EV530 CNC VMC, 2) Mori Seiki SL-3 CNC Lathes, 4) Mori Seiki SL-4 CNC Lathes, Mori Seiki SL-25MC CNC Lathe, Mori Seiki SL-35A CNC Lathe, Haas VF-10 CNC VMC, 3) Leblond Makino MC-65-A60 HMC’s, 9) Leblond Makino FNC 74-A30 CNC VMC’s, 3) Leblond Makino FNC 106-A20 CNC VMC’s, 3) Leblond Makino FNC 128-A30 CNC VMC’s, Nigata SPN50 CNC HMC, Large Selection of Engine Lathes, Vertical Mills, Saws, Air Compressors, Forklifts, Trucks, Sheffield Cordax Endeavor CMM, Keyence XM-2200 CMM, Large Selection of Aerospace Inspection Tools, Gages, Mics, Tooling, Support Tools.
City of Industry, CA

Structural Welding Fab Auction – May 23, 2023

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Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metal Fab & Erection Equipment
Structural Welding & Fabrication
MFG of Custom I-Beams & Installation
Over 500 Lots including Marvel Saws
Cincinnati 90CB 12ft x 90 Ton Hyd Press Brake, Wysong MTH60-96 Press Brake, Power Shears, Piranha Iron Workers, Plasma Cutting System, Bailegh Tube Benders, Spartan Horizontal Band Saw, Over 40 Welders, Miller and Lincold Portable Welders, Hyster Forkifts, Chevy 3500 HD Utility Truck, 2) International 4300 DT466 Diesel Flat Bed Trucks, Ford Crane Truck, Acorn Tables, Large Quantity of Power Tools, Air Compressors, Structural Material, Support Tools, 4) Shipping Containers and More.
In Conjuction with KI Auctions
Stockton, CA

CNC Machining Auction – May 17, 2023

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Precision CNC Machining & Turning Auction
2003 Mazak FH-6800 CNC HMC, 2) Mazak FH-4800 CNC HMC’s, 2) 2002 Mazak FH-4000 CNC HMC’s, 2) 2004/2005 Femco HL-55S CNC Lathes, 2002 Mazak SQT-200MS CNC Turning Center, 2004 Haas SL-20 CNC Lathe with Barfeed, Tooling and Support.
Cerritos, CA