CNC Machine Tools / Fab / Forklifts – July 20, 2017

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AUCTION LOCATION: 9721 Alesia St. South El Monte, CA.
INSPECTION: Morning of sale from 8:00 am to 10:30 am
On-line bidding thru



Fabrication :
2013 World NC Machinery mdl.
WC67KJ100/3200 1000kN x 3200mm (112 Ton x 126”) CNC Press Brake s/n 1302003 w/ Delem DA-41 Controls, 126” Table Length, 12 ½” Throat Depth, 114 ½” Between Uprights.
1995 Finn-Power mdl. TP2525 IF2/21/AM CNC Turret Punch Press s/n 7.7-252536295 w/ Siemens Sinumerik System 3 Controls, 21-Station Turret, 48” x 96” Cap, Secondary Support Tables, Slug Conveyor, 48” x 110” Ball Top Table.
Hydra Shear mdl. A28 100” Deep Throat Power Shear s/n S1001 w/ 17 ¾” Throat Depth.
Nor Service PGP 15-Hole – 24” x 24GA Powered Gang Punch s/n NOR-PGP- 039.
Rotex mdl. 18 18-Station Turret Punch.

CNC Machines :
Mori Seiki SH-50 2-Pallet CNC Horizontal Machining Center s/n 606 w/ Mori Seiki MSC-516MB Controls, 40-Station ATC, CAT-40 Taper Spindle, 4 th Axis Thru Pallets, 19 ¾” x 19 ¾” Pallets, Chip Augers, Chip Conveyor, Coolant.
1997 Fadal VMC5020AHT mdl. 917 CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 9703407 w/ Fadal  CNC88HS Controls, 21-Station ATC, CAT-40 Taper Spindle, High Speed CPU, Graphics, Thru Spindle Coolant, AC Axes Drives, 20” x 57” Table, Algerti Gerardi 90 Degree Head, Coolant.
1992 Fadal VMC4020 mdl. 906-1 CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 9204173 w/ Fadal CNC88 Controls, 21-Station ATC, CAT-40 Taper Spindle, 20” x 48” Table, Coolant.
Matsuura MC-500V CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 85065083 w/ Yasnac MX2 Controls, 20-Station ATC, BT-35 Taper Spindle, 5000 Max RPM, 15” x 34” Table, Coolant.
Lagunmatic mdl. 717 CNC Vertical Mill s/n 35244 w/ Dynapath/Delta Lagunmatic 1000 Controls, NTMB-40 Taper Spindle, Power Draw Bar, Coolant.
Shizuoka 3-Axis CNC Vertical Mill s/n 59109 w/ Bandit CNC Controls, NTMB-40 Taper Spindle, 85-3800 Dial Change RPM, Power Draw-Bar, Box Ways, 11” x 51” Table.
1991 Femco WNCL 35/100 CNC Turning Center s/n 1043 w/ Fanuc Series 0-T Controls, 12-Station Turret, Hydraulic Tailstock, 12” 3-Jaw Power Chuck, Coolant.
1995 Mitsubishi CX20 CNC Wire EDM Machine s/n 55Y20450 w/ Mitsubishi Controls, 29 ¼” x 23 ¼” Base Area, 20 ½” x 14 ¾” Work Area, Dielectric Coolant and Filtration System.
Medalist Challoner 10’ Up-Acting CNC Panel Saw w/ Automation Intelligence Producer Plus Controls, 5”Depth of Cut, Pneumatic Clamping, (2) Air Lift Tables, Roller Feed and Take-Off Tables, Life Scan Light Curtain.

Mills :
Bridgeport Series II Power Mill s/n 6356 w/ Acu-Rite Programmable DRO, 4Hp Motor, 50-3500 Dial Change RPM, Universal Kwik-Switch Taper Spindle, Chrome Box Ways, Power Feeds, Power Quill Feed, 11” x 58” Table.
Bridgeport Series II Power Mill w/ Acu-Rite Programmable DRO, 4Hp Motor, 50-3500 Dial Change RPM, NTMB-40 Taper Spindle, Power Feeds, Power Quill Feed, Chrome Box Ways, 11” x 58” Table.
Sharp Vertical Mill s/n 83050379 w/ Acu-Rite Millmate DRO, 3Hp Motor, Dial-Change RPM, R8 Spindle, Box Ways, Power Feed, 10” x 50” Table.
Bridgeport Vertical Mill s/n 268140 w/ Acu-Rite Millmate Programmable DRO, 2Hp Motor, 60-4200 Dial Change RPM, Chrome Ways, Power Feed, 9” x 48” Table.
Bridgeport / Lagun Vertical Mill w/ Bridgeport Head, 2Hp Motor, 60-4200 Dial Change RPM, Power Feed, 9” x 42” Table.
Bridgeport Vertical Mill s/n 65378 w/ Mitutoyo DRO, 2Hp Motor, 80-2720 RPM, 8-Speeds, 7” Riser, 9” x 42” Table.
Bridgeport Vertical Mill s/n 70364 w/ 1Hp Motor, 80-2720 RPM, 8-Speeds, 9” x 42” Table.

Lathes :
Monarch mdl. 2013X54 20” x 54” Lathe s/n 45235 w/ 12-1500 Dial Change RPM, Inch Threading, TaperAttachment, Tailstock, Steady and Follow Rests, 16” 4-Jaw Chuck, Coolant.
Supermax mdl. LG-1643 16” x 43” Geared Head Gap Bed Lathe s/n HS-526 w/ 35-1800 RPM, Inch/mm Threading, Tailstock, 12” 4-Jaw and 10” 3-Jaw Chucks, Coolant.
1995 Import mdl. 1640G 16” x 40” Geared Head Gap Bed Lathe w/ 42-2000 RPM, Inch/mm Threading, Tailstock, Steady Rest, 8” 3-Jaw Chuck.
Clausing 15” x 50” Geared Head Lathe s/n 27267 w/ 40-800 RPM, Inch Threading,
Tailstock, Steady Rest, 2 1/8” Thru Spindle Bore, Tool Post, 12” 3-Jaw Chuck.
Sheldon mdl. R15-6 15” x 40” Lathe s/n 28221 w/ 32-1800 RPM, Inch Threading, Tailstock, Aloris Tool Post, 10” 6-Jaw Chuck.
Clausing 13” x 36” Geared Head Lathe s/n 3/33789 w/ 34-1500 RPM, Tailstock, Tool Post, Jacobs Flec Collet Speed Chuck.
New Britain mdl. 52 6-Spindle Automatic Screw Machine s/n 39361 w/ Drill Stations, 50Cross Slides, Chip Conveyor, Bar Feeds.

Welding :
2015 Thermco Gas Mixer dl.6105CA30A1100 0-30% Carbon Dioxide in Argon, 0-2000 SCFH, 10-50 PSI Outlet Pressure, s/n 33846.
2009 Thermco Gas Mixer mdl. 6105OA10A1100 0-10% Oxygen in Argon, 0-2000SCFH, 10-50 PSI Outlet Pressure, s/n 28982.
Airco 300 AC/DC Heilwelder-V Squarewave Welding Power Source.
Nelson TR-1800A Stud Welder.
Nelson NS-20 Stud Welder w/ Gun.
Panasonic Pana-Star RF350 Welding Wire Feeder.
Welding Torch Cart w/ Acces.
Pandjiris Motorized Tank Rolls.

Grinders :
Kent mdl. SGS-1020AH 10” x 20” Automatic Hydraulic Surface Grinder s/n 435019  w/Electromagnetic Chuck, Coolant.
Gallmeyer & Livingston No. 55 12” x 36” Automatic Surface Grinder s/n S-55739 w/ Electromagnetic Chuck, Coolant.
Boyar Schultz mdl. 612 6” x 12” Surface Grinder s/n 8331 w/ File-Line Electromagnetic Chuck.
Covel Style 6A Tool and Cutter Grinder s/n 6A-2552.
Darex Endmill Sharpener w/ 5C Air Fixture, Stand.
(2) Carbide Tool Grinders w/ Stands.
(2) Industrial Pedestal Buffers.
10” and 8” Pedestal Grinders.
1999 Elephant 20” Pedestal Disc Sander.
Burr King mdl. 482 2” Pedestal Belt Sander.

Support Machinery :
Carlton 15” Column x 60” Radial Arm Drill w/ 15-1500 RPM, Power Column and Feeds, 24” x 30” x 20”Tooling Fixture Block.
Carlton 13” Column x 60” Radial Arm Drill w/ 10-1000 RPM, Power Column and Feeds.
Broaching Machine.
DoAll mdl. C-916S Horizontal Band Saw s/n 529-97307 w/ Pneumatic Clamping, Coolant.
DoAll mdl. 2013-V 20” Vertical Band Saw s/n 500-971742 w/ Blade Welder, 26” x 26” Table.
DoAll mdl. 2013-10 20” Vertical Band Saw s/n 339-77581 w/ 50-5200 Dial FPM, Blade Welder, 24” x 24”Table.
Everett 16” Abrasive Cutoff Saw.
Thermal Care mdl. FC-730 Cooling Tower s/n 14163010909 w/ (2) 30Hp Pumps.
EMC mdl. 375GSS Waste Water Evaporator s/n 60711002.
Clausing 2-Head Gang Drill Press.
Rigid Power Pipe Threader.
All Source 48” Dry Blast Cabinet.
Enerpac Hydraulic H-Frame Press.
Sullair mdl. 20-125L ACAC 125Hp Rotary Air Compressor s/n 003-78034.
Sullair mdl. LS-20 100L AC 100Hp Rotary Vane Air Compressor s/n 003-118458.
Mattei mdl. C400MV 75Hp Rotary Vane Air Compressor s/n 80771.
(2) Joy Twistair-75 mdl. TA-075EA141HA 75Hp Rotary Vane Air Compressors s/n’s 218658, M44871.
Ingersoll Rand 5Hp Horizontal Air Compressor w/ 60 Gallon Tank.
US General 5Hp Vertical Air Compressor w/ 60 Gallon Tank.
Domnick Hunter mdl. CRD-700 Refrigerated Air Dryer s/n 2653070001.
Great Lakes mdl. GRF-400 Refrigerated Air Dryer s/n 21180-J.
Great Lakes mdl. GRF-300A- 436 Refrigerated Air Dryer s/n 22109-2.
(4) 240 Gallon Air Storage Tanks.
Corchi mdl. EM8040 Computerized Wheel Balancer s/n 010911778 w/ Digital Controls.
Karcher / Shark Heated Pressure Washer w/ Kerosene



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