CNC Machining & Sheet Metal Fabrication – April 15, 2014

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: 9703 ALESIA ST.  S. EL MONTE, CA. 91733
AUCTION DATE: Tuesday, APRIL 15, 2014 STARTING @ 11:00 AM (PST)
“CNC GRINDING / TUNING / MILLING”- Download Brochure

Support Machinery :
MCP mdl. MT50000 Stamping Oven s/n 101596.
2007 iPura High Pressure Tank s/n 3664.
Euromatic AV220/4 Adjustable Angle 8 ½” x 8 ½” Hydraulic Notcher.
Epilog “Legend 24” 50Watt Laser Engraver.
Epilog “Mini” 24” x 12” 45Watt Laser Engraver.
Lepel mdl. T-15-3-KCS-TL Type T-1501-112 15kW 400-450kHz High Frequency Induction Heater.
Deckel GK21 Pantograph Machine s/n 55776.
Ingersoll Rand Dual 15Hp Twin Pump Horizontal Air Compressor.
(11)Vertical and Horizontal Air Compressors.
C & M Horizontal Hydraulic Baler.
Shepard-Thomason Pneumatic Insertion Press.
ACE Gas Fired Oven.
J.N.Wognum JR-900 Riveter.
Fellows Involute Measuring Instrument s/n 27248.
Electrical Transformers.
Finishing :
Viking Shot Blast Tumbler.
MBA mdl. N-200-3628 Dry Blast Cabinet s/n 2406399.
Kelco mdl. CS-22-C Dry Blast Cabinet s/n 01754.
Rayzist Dry Blast Cabinet s/n 203432007-3.
Torit mdl. 75-80 Dust Collector s/n 97006.
Sauborn NF1000S Wash Tank s/n MD94-0955.
Media Tumblers.(2)Bridgeport Vertical Mills s/n’s 155922, 107236.
(4)Tree Vertical Mills.
(3)Ex-Cell-O mdl. 602 Vertical Mills.
Cincinnati “Tool Master” Vertical Mill.
Cincinnati Milacron “Plain Dial Type” Universal Mill s/n 310434P77-0003.
Vilh-Pedersen Type VPU2 Universal Mill s/n 122948.
Sharp-KF mdl. KVH Universal Mill s/n 4342.
U.S.Machine mdl.1 Horizontal Mill s/n 10895R.
Moore No.3 Jig Borer s/n G1454.
Moore No.2 Jig Boring Machine s/n 5248.
Welding :

(2)Lincoln Square Wave TIG 355 TIG Welders s/n’s U1940426445, U1971016508.
Lincoln Square Wave TIG 255 TIG Welder s/n U1940818925.
Miller CP-302 CV-DC Welding Power Source s/n LB102905.
Miller Dialarc TIG-300-300 AC/DC Welding Power Source s/n AC471808.
(2)Lincoln Idealarc R3S-250 DC Welding Power Sources s/n’s AC426632, AC277250.
Century 140 MIG Wire Feed Welder 120 Volt.
Esab “Power Cut 1250” Plasma Cutter s/n PN-J620063.
Esab PCM-750i Plasma Cutter.
Lincoln “Pro-Cut 60” Plasma Cutter s/n U1941004308.
Acme Type PT1-12-75 75kVa Spot Welder s/n 6603.
Victor Track Burner w/ Track and Table.
Chillers :
2000 York YCAS0200EC46XFADB Portable Chiller Unit s/n RAJM9430AA.
2001 Trane Intellipac CSRA0601BEO Portable Chiller Unit s/n D11948.
York YCAS0250EC46XEADB Portable Chiller Unit.
York Portable Chiller Unit.
Schreiber 5CAC Chiller Unit s/n 4821.
Tooling :
Vidmar and Lista Tooling Cabinets.
Over 100 Crates of Punch Dies and Shoes.
40-Taper Tooling.
Machine Vises.
Perishable Tooling.
Rolling Stock :
Onan mdl. 230-ODFP-17R/25819L Portable Generator
Set s/n J830682823 w/ 250kW, 88kVa.
Yale GLC070VXNGSE088 2340 Lb Cap LPG Forklift
s/n A910V10806E.
Yale LPG Forklift – Needs Work.
Presses :
Apex-Denison 20 Ton Hydraulic Stamping Press s/n 24053.
Denison10 Ton Hydraulic Stamping Press s/n 10312-21701B-T7.
Denison Multipress 8 Ton Hydraulic Stamping Press s/n 18214.
Denison Multipress 8 Ton Hydraulic Stamping Press s/n 17932.
Strippit Custom 18/30 Punch Press s/n 32383176.
Cincinnati 75 Ton OBI Stamping Press s/n 51557.
Amada/USI Torc-Pac 60 60 Ton Stamping Press s/n 73-0032.
U.S.Industries/Clearing Torc-Pac Stamping Press s/n 3030.
Dake/Norton Norta-Matic GB86 Hydraulic Stamping Press.
Warco 50 Ton Stamping Press s/n 46736.
Federal No.32 32 Ton Stamping Press s/n 32-561.
Dual Press Co 72” Mechanical Press Brake.
Federal F5 50 Ton OBI Stamping Press.
200Ton 25” x 41 ½” 4-Post Heated Platen Press .
30” x 30” 4-Post Heated Platen Press.
Commercial Iron Works 24” x 30” Heated Platen Press.
Commercial Iron Works 20” x 24” Heated Platen Press s/n 55-1714.
Commercial Iron Works 20” x 20” Heated Platen Press s/n F1-1696.
Bench Master and Kenco Bench Model Stamping Presses.
(3)Excelsior No.10 Pneumatic Kick Presses.
(2)Hydraulic H-Frame Presses.
Saws :
Marvel Series 15A4/M1 15” Automatic Hydraulic Horizontal Band Saw s/n E-151363.
Startrite 316H 36” Vertical Band Saw s/n 20860.
DoAll mdl. 36-2 36” Vertical Band Saw s/n 52-54185.
(2)DoAll 36” Vertical Band Saws.
Powermatic mdl. 87 24” Vertical Band Saw s/n 887422.
Continental 100M 12” Horizontal Band Saw.
(2)Everett mdl. 14-16 Abrasive Cut Off Saws
Grinders :
Struder S35 13 ½” x 43” CNC Cylindrical Grinder s/n 20265.
Blanchard No.18 Rotary Surface Grinder.
Blanchard No.11 Rotary Surface Grinder.
Estarta EE301 Centerless Grinder s/n 189.
Centerless Grinder s/n 35042.
1998 Supertec G78P-60C 31” x 20” Automatic Cylindrical
Grinder s/n G39807.
Struder Type RHU650 10” x 30” Cylindrical Grinder s/n 401.51.
Norton 5” x 15” Cylindrical Grinder s/n 28457.
Landis Type CH Plain 6” x 30” Cylindrical Grinder.
Majestic ID/OD Grinder w/ Compound Grinding Head.
Magerle Type F12 10” x 47” Automatic Surface Grinder s/n 345.
Boyar Schultz Challenger H618 6” x 18” Surface Grinder s/n C-2376.
Boyar Schultz Challenger H612 6” x 12” Surface Grinder.
(3)Harig Super 612 Surface Grinders w/ Electromagnetic Chucks.
K.O.Lee S612 6” x 12” Surface Grinder s/n 15707-EE.
Sunnen MBB-1660 Honing Machine s/n 86473.
Sunnen MBB-1600-MS Honing Machine s/n 44520.
Deckel mdl. SO Single Lip Tool Grinder s/n 83560.
K.O.Lee BS60-3-52 Tool and Cutter Grinder s/n 4232.
Cincinnati mdl. LM Spiropoint Precision Drill Sharpener s/n 1LG6P5T-010.
Vinona Punch Die Grinder.
Max 18” & 16” Pedestal Disc Sanders.
Burr King mdl. 760 1” Pedestal Belt Sander.
Baldor 12” Pedestal Grinder.
Pedestal Grinders.
Fosdick 13” Column x 40” Sensitive Radial Arm Drill s/n 21038.
Ooya RE-1225H 13” Column x 40” Radial Arm Drill s/n OAO-4021.
Wilton VSC Twenty mdl. 2025 Power Drill Press.
Bakewell Size 2GE Precision Tapping Machine s/n C181.
Rockwell 4-Head Gang Drill.
Moore Deep Hole Drill Press.
Burgmaster mdl. IC 6-Station Turret Drill s/n 11043.
Drill Presses.
CNC Mills :
Niigata EN40B 2-Pallet CNC Horizontal Machining Center s/n 16419.
Mazak VQC-20/40B CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 69096.
Mori Seiki MV-40 4-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 3085.
1998 Akira-Seiki Performa V-4A CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 98VGN045-127.
1996 Fadal VMC2216HT CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 9511268.
(2)Fadal VMC4020 CNC Vertical Machining Centers s/n’s 8610543, 8509272.
Matsuura MC-1000VS2 CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 84013466.
Matsuura MC-1000VS CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 83063272.
Matsuura MC-500V2 CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 85055002.
2002 Haas TM-1 CNC Tool Room Mill s/n 28923.
Brother TC-217 CNC Tapping Center s/n 111384.
Anayak Anak-Matic-8-CNC CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n VMC-6549.
1991 Komo VR805HP 4-Head CNC Router s/n 623191.
Lagun Deluxe 2-Axis CNC Vertical Mill s/n 40644.
Boston-Matic mdl. 514-1 5-Axis CNC Vertical Mill s/n MB-546.
CNC Lathes :
Nakamura-Tome S-4BL CNC Turning Center s/n C41901.
Nakamura-Tome Methods Slant 4B CNC Turning Center s/n C41001.
Mori Seiki CL-150 CNC Turning Center s/n 119.
1995 Agie “Agietron Compact 1” CNC Die Sinker EDM Machine s/n 040.007.
Slitting Line :
Iowa Precision 6’ x 10GA Slitting Line w/ Slitter, Shear, Straightener, Un-Coiler Coil Car.
Mills :
Union Sigma BFT80 Horizontal Boring Mill s/n 22969.
Atrump K2V Vertical Mill s/n K2V-470.
Lagun Vertical Power Mil.
Acra FV-1 ½ TM Vertical Mill s/n 8411117.
Lathes :
Mazak Yamazaki 21” x 87” Geared Head Gap Bed Lathe s/n 2240.
Monarch 18BB 20 ½” x 96” Geared Head Lathe s/n 6765.
(3)LeBlond Regal 19” x 56” Lathes s/n’s 8F2420, 6E293, 4-677.
Monarch 20” x 54” Lathe s/n 42249.
LeBlond Makino Regal 15 ½” x 58” Servo Shift Lathe s/n 14C411.
Monarch 17” x 32” Lathe s/n 45926.
Victor 1640S 16” x 40” Geared Head Gap Bed Lathe.
Acra-Turn LS-400 16” x 40” Geared Head Gap Bed Lathe s/n 1-8312144.
Logan mdl. 6561H 14” x 40” Lathe s/n 84302.
Monarch 14 ½” x 20” Lathe s/n 24262.
Clausing 12” x 38” Lathe s/n 503228.
Monarch 10EE 12 ½” x 20” Lathe s/n 42281.
Elgin Second Op Lathe.
Enco mdl. 112-8100 Turret Lathe s/n 250117.
Craftsman 12” x 26” Lathe s/n 30424.
Ammco “Super 6” Brake Drum Turning and Facing Lathe s/n 921.
Van Norman No.803 Senior Brake Drum Lathe s/n 4313.
Van Norman 204-71001D Brake Drum Lathe s/n 10282-0383B.
Van Norman mdl. 304H Brake Drum Lathe s/n 3996-871



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