CNC Machine Tools & Fab – July 19, 2018

: 9703 Alesia St.  South El Monte, CA
AUCTION DATE: THURSDAY JULY 19, 2018 @ 10:30 am (PST)
AUCTION INSPECTION: Morning of Sale (8 -10:30)
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Fabrication :
Megobal PB63T 63 Ton x 98” CNC Press Brake w/ Comp-U-Bend MDD5-61000 Controlled Back Gaging, 98 ½” Bed Length, 19 3/8” Throat Depth.
DiAcro 55-8 55 Ton x 8’ CNC Hydra-Power Press Brake s/n 6550682197 w/ DiAcro CNC Back Gaging system, 100” Bed Length, 8” Throat, 80” Between Uprights.
Verson 45 Ton x 8’ Mechanical Press Brake s/n 6854-2078 w/ Manual Back gage, 96” Bed Length, 7 ¼”Throat, 78” Between Uprights.
Verson 25 Ton x 78” Press Brake s/n 14513-1062 w/ 78” Bed Length, 7 ½” Shut Height, 2” Stroke, 2” Adj.,  7” Throat, 62” Between Uprights, Light Curtain.
Heller HS-40-10 14’ Power Shear s/n 54686 w/ 36” Controlled Back Gage, Squaring Arm, Front Supports.
Amada H-3065 10’ Hydraulic Power Shear s/n 30650035 w/ Amada Controlled Back Gaging, 78”Squaring Arm.
Roper Whitney mdl. 7212 72” Power Shear s/n 260-1077 w/ 24” Dial Back Gage, Front Supports.
Niagara 48”Power Shear.
(3) Bruderer BSTA-30 30,000kg Cap High Speed Stamping Presses w/ Bruderer Controls, 100-600 Strokes /Min.
Bruderer / Kohler mdl. 12-120B 4.72” Cap. Straightener / Feeder.
Bruderer / Kohler mdl. 10-120 4.72” Cap. Straightener / Feeder.
V & O No. 25ST OBI Stamping Press w/ Pneumatic Clutch, 13 ½” x 24” Bolster.
Niagara A3 OBI Stamping Press.
1978 Amada “Torc-Pac 110” Series E-11231 110 Ton Cap Stamping Press (NO CONTROLS) w/ 50 Strokes/Min, 6” Stroke, 3.94” Slide Adj., 16.52” Open Height, Lower Cushion.
(4) Famco Kick Punches.
Presstronics Dual Feed Coiler.
(2) Dallas 2500 Lb Cap x 12” x 48” Coilers.
2011 US Industrial mdl. USI66TDO 66 Ton Ironworker w/ 5/8” x 10” – Max 16” Flat Bar Shear, 1 ¾” Rnd – 1 9/16” Sq Bar Shear, 5” x 5” Channel Shear, 2 ¼” x 4” Coping Notcher, 1 3/32” Thru 3/8” Punch Cap with 12” Throat.
Fellows High Speed Gear Shaper w/ 5 ½” Rotary Base.
Reed 48” Power Initial Pinch Roll w/ 6” Rolls.
Pullmax X91 Plate Beveller w/ 25 Deg to 55 Deg Adjustable Bevel Angle, Roll Feeder.
Wire Machine w/ Straightener, Cutoff and Bending Capab.
Hydraulic Tube Bender w/ PLC Controls.
1993 Boy mdl. 50T2 50 Ton Plastic Injection Molding Machine s/n 54526 w/ Boy Controls, 4-Heat Zones, 12” x 13” Die Space, 19” x 19” Bolster Area.
1993 Nissui mdl. FNSK-15AP Plastics Granulator s/n F15360.
Speed-Fam 32” Lapping Machine w/ (4) 12” Plates.
Davis No. 5 Vertical Broaching Machine.
Pexto mdl. PS-66 6” x 6” x 16/18GA Corner Notcher s/n 12/73.
Roper Whitney AR231 Punch s/n 533174 w/ 24” Throat, 25” x 48” Table.
Carolina CBP1200 Hydraulic H-Frame Press s/n CBP5668.
Carolina 40 Ton Hydraulic H-Frame Press s/n CF27317.
Branson 900 Series mdl. 921AES Ultrasonic Welder.
Whittmann “Tempro 2200 Plus” Temperature Controller.

Lathes and Mills :
Lodge & Shipley T60” Right Angle Chucking Lathe s/n 41150 w/ 6-338 RPM, 11 ½” Thru Spindle Bore, 46”Chuck, Aloris Tool Post.
TOS Type SN71B 28” x 90” Geared Head Gap Bed Lathe s/n 071200760374 w/ 10-1000 RPM, Inch Threading, 3” Thru Spindle Gore, Tailstock, Steady Rest, Tool Post, Coolant.
LeBlond 16” x 60” Geared Head Lathe s/n NC1243 w/ 20-600 RPM, Taper Attachment, Relieving Attachment, Inch Threading, Tailstock, KDK Tool Post, 10” 3-Jaw Chuck.
LeBlond Makino Regal Servo Shift 15” x 38” Lathe s/n 13C-445 w/ 45-1800 RPM, Inch/mm Threading, Tailstock, Trava-Dial, KDK Tool Post, 12” 3-Jaw Chuck.
Hercules “SAG 14” 14” x 40” Gap Bed Lathe w/ Anilam Mini Wizard DRO, 45-1500 RPM, Taper Attachment, Inch/mm Threading, Tailstock, KDK Tool Post, 10” 3-Jaw Chuck, 12” 4-Jaw Chuck.
Edison 1340GH 13” x 40” Geared Head Lathe w/ 120-2000 RPM, Inch/mm Threading, Tailstock, Aloris Tool Post, 6 ½” 3-Jaw Chuck, Coolant.
Republic 12” x 40” Geared Head Lathe s/n AEI-1 w/ Tailstock, KDK Tool Post, 6” 3-Jaw Chuck.
SuperMill J Horizontal Boring Mill w/ 30-1000 RPM, 2 ½” Spindle, 50-Taper Spindle, 16 ½” Boring Head, 23 ½” x 35 ½” Indexable Table.
Bridgeport Vertical Mill s/n 188712 w/ DRO mdl.
DRO II-2ML Programmable DRO, 2Hp Motor, 60-4200
Dial Change RPM, Chrome Ways, Power Feed 9” x 42” Table.
Bridgeport Vertical Mill s/n 188712 w/ DRO mdl. DRO II-2ML Programmable DRO, 2Hp Motor, 60-4200Dial Change RPM, Chrome Ways, Power Feed, 9” x 42” Table.
Bridgeport Vertical Mill s/n 206529 w/ 60-4200 Dial

Lathes and Mills :
Bridgeport Vertical Mill s/n 167396 w/ Anilam Mini Wizard DRO, 80-2720 RPM, 8-Speeds, Chrome Ways, Power “X”, “Y” and Knee Feeds, 9” x 42” Table.
Birmingham Vertical Mill w/ Sargon Prospector DRO, 90-5600 RPM, 16-Speeds, Chrome Ways, Power Feed, 9” x 42” Table.
Yuasa Vertical Mill s/n 52156 w/ 2Hp Motor, 80-2720 RPM, Chrome Ways, Power “X” and Knee Feeds, 9” x 47” Table.
Maxmill Vertical Mill s/n 51132 w/ 2Hp Motor, 80- 2720 RPM, Chrome Ways, 9” x 47” Table, 6” Angle-Lock Vise.
Kanto Koki “J-Spindle” Vertical Mill w/ 90-2400 RPM, 8-Speeds, Box Ways, 4” Riser, 9” x 42” Table.
Kearney &; Trecker / Milwaukee mdl. CH No. 3 Horizontal Mill s/n 5-8357 w/ 15-1500 RPM, 50-Taper Spindle, Power Feeds, 13 ½” x 64” Table.

Saws :
DoAll C-305NC 10” Automatic Hydraulic Horizontal Band Saw s/n 522-96104 w/ DoAll Controls,Hydraulic Clamping and Feeds, Chip Auger, Coolant.
Marvel Series 15 mdl. 15A 15” Hydraulic Horizontal Band Saw s/n D-15638 w/ Marvel Controls.
DoAll LR-5320 12” Automatic Hydraulic Horizontal Band Saw w/ UniOP PLC Controls, Hydraulic Clamping and Feeds.
DoAll 12” Horizontal Band Saw w/ Manual Clamping, Coolant.
Baileigh mdl. BS-260M 9” Horizontal Miter Band Saw s/n 16036112 w/ Manual Clamping, Coolant.
KBC mdl. BAH-712 7” Horizontal Band Saw w/ Manual Clamping, Work Stop, Coolant.
Tannewitz mdl. 6V1E 35” Vertical Band Saw s/n 83041 w/ Reeves Vari-Drive Speed Controller.
DoAll mdl. ML 16” Vertical Band Saw / 24” x 24” Table.
Yates American 13” Vertical Band Saw.
Promacut / Trennjaeger mdl. UNI-10/60 20” Cutoff Saw s/n 7481.
Racine “Hydraulic Shear Cut” 12” Power Reciprocating Saw.
Rockwell Delta 14” Radial Arm Saw.

Support Machinery :
Studer Type S20-12 6” x 12” Cylindrical Grinder s/n 627.26 w/ Motor Driven Head, Tailstock.
Heald mdl. 271 Plain Automatic ID Grinder w/ Auto Feeds, Wheel Dresser, (NO CHUCK).
Heald No. 25A 18” Rotary Surface Grinder s/n 28412 w/ 18” Rotary Magnetic Chuck.
Moore No. 2 Jig Boring Machine s/n 7156 w/ Pneumatic Rotary Grinding Head, 10” x 19” Table, X=17”, Y=11” Travels, Chrome Box Ways.
Vollmer CEF Saw Blade Sharpener w/ Vollmer PMCSystems Digital Controls.
Hacer Precision Tool Grinder.
Fosdick 14”Column x 58” Radial Arm Drill s/n 10926 w/ 20-1406 RPM, Power Column and Feeds, 33” x 74” Base.
Tai Piin mdl. TPR-1100 9” Column x 33” Radial Arm Drill s/n 7885 w/ 44-1500 RPM, Power Column and Feeds, Fixture Block.
Morris “Mor-Speed” 9” Column x 24” Radial Arm Drill w/ Power Column and Feeds, Fixture Table.
Reynolds RMT / Snow Automatic Tapping Machine w/24” x 42” Table.
Dresser 20Hp Horizontal Air Compressor w/ 3-Stage Pump, 120 Gallon Tank.
Ingersoll Rand 15Hp Horizontal Air Compressor w/3-Stage Pump, 120 Gallon Tank.
3.5Hp Vertical Air Compressor w/ 60 Gallon Tank.
Oliver mdl. 399-D 18” x 6” Planer s/n 65920.

Inspection :
Fabrivision 48” x 48” Flat Part Measurement and Digitizing Scanner w/ Computer.
OGP Optical Gaging Co. “Opticon Qualifier 30” mdl.
0030S 30” Optical Comparator s/n 00300-340 w/ CLIP Controls and DRO, Surface and Profile Illumination, 10X, 20X, 31.25X, 50X, 62.5X and 100X Magnification.
Mitutoyo PH-350 13” Optical Comparator w/ Mitutoyo DRO, Surface and Profile Illumination.
Nikon V-12 12” Optical Comparator w/ Surface and Profile Illumination, 10X and 50X Lenses.

Forklifts and Misc :
Caterpillar 8000 Lb Cap LPG Forklift w/ 3-Stage Mast, Side Shift, Cushion Tires.
Clark C500-30 2500 Lb Cap LPG Forklift s/n 235-224- 5150 w/ 3-Stage Mast, 170” Lift Height, Solid Tires.
2000 Power Generation & Engineering “Spectrum 350 DSE” Diesel Generator w/ Spectrum Detroit Diesel Series 60 550Hp Diesel Engine, Spectrum Control Package, Auto Start, 650 Gallon Fuel Tank.
Aperatori Industriali / CFM mdl. 3507W Industrial Vacuum.
Heavy Duty Shop Carts.
Maxon Hydraulic Lift Gate.



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